My name is Heidi Koval. I have been married to Scott Koval for 49 years. We have 3 grown children and 11 grandchildren. As a child I was often into art. In junior high and then high school I had a couple of art teachers that inspired me to want to teach art. After a semester in art education at UW-Eau Claire, God took me on an unexpected journey of 1-1/2 years in Bible schools and then marriage. I jumped back into art at UWM. When we started having children, I stopped my college education, but as it turned out art education would still become part of my life. After homeschooling our children for 8 years, God opened up opportunities for me to teach art. I have taught in a couple of schools and in homeschooling groups. God is the ultimate creator. Being created in His image, I think it is  good that we tap into the creative side of ourselves. Since moving here in 2001 besides teaching art, I have been a high ropes facilitator at CAVOC, I manage the craft shop at Fort Wilderness, I’ve become part of the Newbold Fire Department’s Search and Rescue K9 Team, and have renewed a love for backpacking with friends.