Armis Dei Family Testimonials

In fall of 2022, my husband and I decided to make a drastic change to our children’s education by leaving the public schools and enrolling them in the Armis Dei Christian Academy. I am beyond blessed that we joined Armis Dei and I cannot believe the transformation of my children after just a short few months.  

The Christian school offers a Classical model incorporating methods that are based on natural phases of student development while thoroughly training students in Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.  The quality of fundamental educational material, based on a biblical worldview foundation, is irreplaceable. 

In the Schools Cooperative model of learning, they attend Armis Dei 2 days a week and 3 days I am at home teaching them.  This allows me to be deeply involved in reviewing and understanding the material used and I feel assured knowing exactly what they are learning every day. On the days they are in the school classroom, I know they are surrounded by incredible teachers and students that love the Lord and who have the same values and beliefs as my family. 

This style of education truly encourages the children HOW to Think and not WHAT to think, which is an incredibly important ideal in today’s culture. I am proud to see my children beginning to develop the skills to think deeply , reason clearly, and speak eloquently.  Our community is fortunate to have Armis Dei Christian Academy and I would encourage everyone to attend an informational meeting to learn more about the school and what they offer. 

– Maufort Family

“Our family is so thankful for Armis Dei! We so appreciate the Biblical worldview that permeates every aspect of the school. From the cooperative model and amazing teachers to the curriculum and other families involved, we have not regretted our choice to send our children in any way.  We love that Armis Dei truly takes a partnership approach to teaching our kids. The teachers have worked tirelessly to get to know our kids, encourage them, love on them, and help them learn.  We have seen our children grow in their love for learning, their desire to try new things and have loved watching new friendships bud with other like-minded families. Enrolling your kids in Armis Dei is absolutely worth it!”

– Blair Family

“When I found out that a new Christian school was starting up in the PGCC building, where we attend church, I was thrilled! It was just in time for our son to start kindergarten and my husband and I liked the hybrid model of in-class and at-home learning, as we value outside structure and a high level of parental involvement in our son’s education. We have found the academics to be advanced and challenging in a good way. During kindergarten, our son made immense progress in all subjects and really enjoyed getting to know others in his school community. I enjoy getting to know other families and having the assurance that we share similar beliefs. This common thread has allowed our family to strengthen old friendships and build new ones as well. Being part of Armis Dei empowers us to be an integral part of our son’s education, and I would highly recommend it to fellow Christian parents!”

– Terry Family