Armis Dei Classical Christian Academy aims to employ faculty who are growing examples of these same qualities. We desire them to be mature Christians, committed to building their own households in Christ, and an active part of their local church. We aim to pay our staff well and provide enrichment opportunities so that they may make a career at Armis Dei. We desire our teachers to be diligent, loving both their students and their subjects. They will aim to be the kind of teachers that bring life to their classrooms as they challenge their students to see the glory of God in all things. Our teachers should work to grow in their understanding of classical education and how it works both in their subject and throughout the entire curriculum. We desire a genuine camaraderie among our staff in that they support each other while doing what is needed to help each other excel.

Armis Dei Classical Christian Academy aims to be an asset to our parents. Since God has given parents the primary authority and responsibility for the education of their children, Armis Dei aims to partner with parents in the raising of their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. We want our parents to have a sense of responsibility for our school as they grow with the school, excited to see what the Lord will do through us all.

Armis Dei Classical Christian Academy aims to equip students to lead and not merely respond to culture. To accomplish this, we provide a rigorous classical education that is unashamedly biblical. Our prayer is that this is used by God to produce students that are pure, have faith to stand firm on biblical truth as they evaluate all of life in light of Scripture, able to graciously, courageously, and persuasively converse on a range of issues from a historically informed Christian worldview, and do so with genuine joy in the Lord. We desire that they leave our school with an eagerness to continue to learn because we have equipped them with the necessary tools to do so.